Invest in Yourself

Following are short videos available to understand and learn how to put your finances in order in a comprehensive manner.

  1. Introduction to Financial Planning and Goal Setting
  2. How inflation impacts your wealth
  3. The Magic of Compounding
  4. Risks and Returns
  5. Optimizing your Investment Risk
  6. Components of Financial Planning
  7. Budgeting
  8. Your Networth Statement
  9. Managing Liquidity
  10. Introduction to Debts and types of Debts
  11. Managing your Debts and leveraging
  12. What is Investment and Investing.
  13. What Impacts Risk Appetite and How to Mitigate Risk
  14. Review of your investments
  15. Investment v/s Insurance
  16. The Time Value of Money
  17. Introduction to Insurance and few concepts
  18. Types of insurance
  19. Case Study
  20. Income Protection, Accident, Vehicle and Home Insurance
  21. Life Insurance
  22. Impact of Inflation on Quantum of Insurance
  23. What is Retirement and Why do people retire.
  24. The process of planning for retirement
  25. Steps to determine Retirement Expenses and Corpus
  26. Investing for Retirement
  27. Preparing your Financial Plan
  28. Bridging Gaps in Protection
  29. How much to invest for your Goals

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