Business continuity planning
Business continuity is best thought of as the test of how your business would cope when things go wrong. It is as important for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as it is for multinationals.
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Why SMEs need a disaster plan?

Being prepared is the name of the game. Your plan needn’t be complicated and doesn’t have to cover every eventuality or every business process, just those that are most critical.

 Do we need Estate Planning for Newlyweds ?

There are  few estate planning essentials that newly weds  need to plan to protect themselves and  their finances..

For them in particular, it’s important to take the following actions.

1. Nominations

The newly wed need to update beneficiary designations for both life insurance and retirement accounts with the name of their new spouse. Most times , in the happening of a tragic event of an unexpected death , the nominations are the late spouse’s parents.

2. Review life insurance

Life insurance need to be reviewed and aligned with their new goals and objectives.

3. Execute their wills

Even young newlyweds without many assets should execute basic wills that leave all assets to their spouse.

4. Powers of Attorney

This will help the spouse to make a medical /financial decision for the other in the event of incapacity


Many individuals purchase a home prior to marriage. After the wedding, it may be advantageous to change the home ownership from being owned by only one of the newlyweds to both of them —

 Financial planning Journal , Mar 23 , 2015